Laughs in Looe!

Yay we made it to the beach! Although the day started off quite overcast we packed up out buckets, spades and blankets and headed back East, along the coast, to Looe. As we arrived we past gorgeous views down into the valley and then of the harbour.  


We drove around for about half an hour looking for somewhere to park and finally found Millpool car park just on your left as you come down the hill into Looe. It cost us £5.50 for 24 hours and was about a 10 to 15 minute walk along the harbour to the beach. However our friends managed to get parked in the small train station car park and only paid £2.20 for a full day so worth a look to see if there are any spaces. 

The beach was lovely and although it was small it didn’t feel over crowded. Once we had set ourselves up and got comfortable we set about enjoying our day.  

  The men soon got hungry and headed into the quaint town in search of pasties. They returned bearing delicious delights catering for all in the group, vegetarian, chicken and steak from the very popular Cornish Bakehouse. (Highly recommend as they also did amazing yum yums).  

Beach activities included building sand castles, playing bat and ball, paddling in the sea and the thing that all men seem to want to do when on a beach, digging a very large hole. 


A few of us then took a stroll into the town and returned to a couple of sleepy faces soothed, I’m sure,  by the the live guitarists on the promenade.  

 A fun day was had by all and as the day went on the sun came out and we all arrived back at the cottage with rosy cheeks. 


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