Sunday Sights!

We started the day off with a big cooked breakfast and then headed off into Mevagissey exploring the little shops and boutiques along the way to the harbour. Picked up 2 gorgeous cards and the cutest little rabbit ring holder. 

As we reached the harbour we followed the path round towards the lighthouse and to where the fishermen sit. We scaled the wall and were freaked out by the huge jellyfish swimming just below. (I believe they are called  Barrel Jellyfish) 

 In the afternoon we decided to head into St Austell as it was quite a cloudy day and we needed a couple of bits from the shops. However, unless you are after the typical town centre (Wilkos, pound shops etc), I wouldn’t bother. I’m sure there is a nicer side to St Austell but today we didn’t find it. 

We headed back to Mevagissey and whilst tea was being prepared (homemade Chinese) we took the kiddy winks to the park where a fun time was had by all.  

 Back at the cottage we had a lovely tea followed by Triominoes, prosecco and plenty of giggles. The boys then settled down for some Xbox time and 3 slightly tipsy girlies (myself included) skipped towards the harbour in search of some night time photo opportunities.  

 Hopefully we will get some sunshine tomorrow and it’s off to the beach we go! ☀️


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