Port of Padstow!

We started off the day with another big breakfast before getting in the car and taking a 45 minute drive to Padstow. We drove down to the port but were unable to get a parking space so headed up to the Park and Ride. It cost us £4 to park and a free bus was provided to take us down into the harbour.  


The harbour was beautiful but incredibly busy. We took a steady stroll around, enjoying the views, small gift shops and the music coming from the buskers.  


As our breakfast settled we all started to feel peckish so as we were in Padstow we headed for the Famous Rick Stein Fish and Chip shop near the bus station. As expected it was very busy but the takeaway queue went down quick and only took about 15 minutes from queue to having our food. The food was amazing and I was pleased that there was a vegetarian option of chips cooked in sunflower oil rather than the normal beef dripping.  


After lunch the ladies and babies headed back towards the shops and the men settled in a pub just off from the harbour. 

Padstow is truly a lovely place and well worth a visit. We ended the day back at the cottage with homemade pizzas, cosmopolitans and a few board games. Another great day!


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