The Eden Project!ย 

With the weather forecast not looking great we decided to head to the Eden Project in search of tropical heat and sunshine. We booked the tickets online and managed to save a couple of pounds with a flexi ticket. We arrived early, collected our tickets and headed for the tractor train that took us down to the biomes (or bubbles as named by Little T).  


We started off in the Rainforest biome and as you can imagine it was hot and humid. However it was well worth it with all sorts of plants, pathways an waterfalls to explore.  


As we headed towards the exit we stumbled upon a large tea party with live music and lots of free cake. It was being filmed for television but I am not sure what it was in aid of.  

 Next we stopped for some lunch and with lots of places to eat to choose from we decided on the burrito bar. This was an excellent choice as the food was delicious. When we were all comfortably full we headed into the Mediterranean Biome. This was a lot smaller then the rainforest biome and lots of the plants were not yet established.  


We then made our way to the core passing the bare feet trail on the way, though not all of us were brave enough to remove our shoes.  

 In the core there was a soft play area giving the children chance to crawl and run around. When we had finished we headed back towards the main entrance and enjoyed a cream tea in the cafe before heading back to Mevagissey.  

  We finished the day  off with an amazing meal at Sharksfin Waterfront Bar and Restaurant. The food was delicious and reasonably priced with the Hubby declaring that the batter on the fish might just be better than Rick Steins!


A short walk around the harbour followed before back to the cottage for more Xbox for the boys and a chill on the sofa for the girls.  



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