Baby Shower 🍼

On Saturday we will be throwing a Baby Shower for my beautiful Sister-in-Law Leah. In preparation we have trawled through Pinterest for ideas and I have created a few games to play. 

The first is the standard ‘Guess the Date’. When will Baby Sumner be born? (Apologies for the picture quality). Leah is already quite big and although the due date is around the 23rd July it really is anyone’s guess. 

Next I have created small cards which I will attach a piece of wool to so people can guess the size of Mummy-to-be’s belly. (I will post a pic of the finished product on Saturday). 

I also created a couple of quick quizzes. The first is a ‘Guess the Disney Movie’ quiz where you have to name the film to go with the song.  


Secondly a speed quiz. First person to think of a name beginning with each letter of the alphabet wins.  


There will be lots more fun things happening on the day so stay tuned for a post showcasing it all. 👶🏼


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