Baby Shower 🍼 pt2

The baby shower was a great success yesterday with everyone saying what a lovely time they had. The theme was an afternoon tea party with lots of pink and blue as we do not know what Leah is going to have. We all had lots of fun using the photo props to guess though.  


My very talented Mummy made the bunting and some of the delicious cakes whilst the other Nana-to-be made all the sandwiches and set the room up.  


We kick started the fun and games with the Disney Quiz (see privious post) which was enjoyed by all, even if some were irritated that they didn’t get the answers right. This was followed by the Baby Name Race before we moved on to guessing how big Mummy-to-be’s bump was.  


We then went on to making your own baby using playdoh with some very funny entries.  



Prizes of chocolate and nail polish were given to the winners. 

 One of the loveliest parts of the day was when Mummy-to-be opened the books everyone had bought instead of a card. Each person had wrote a message inside their book and it did become quite emotional. A lovely keepsake for both parents and baby. 


A special day with some lovely memories for the new Mummy.


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