Early Years

New Funiture 😊

An exciting delivery arrived at school on Friday! Our lovely new furniture from Early Excellence. We have been keen to change the units for a while as the old ones were not really suitable for nursery aged children and in my excitement we managed to swap them all over that same evening. And what a difference it has made not only to the environment but to the engagement of the children. In particular the small world play has become more focused and the children have found a new love for it.  


The resources are displayed so everything is clear for the children to see and the photographs make tidy time a breeze. 

Another hit has been the home corner. We already had a dressing up trolley but felt that it just encouraged the children to throw things in it and this made it difficult for others to see what we had.  


As you can see this one is much more organised and again much easier for the children at tidy time. 

We have also had a new easel delivered with a useful storage space in the top (out of reach of little hands) and space for paper underneath. Another benefit was the wide shelf which is perfect for allowing children to mix their own powder paints.  


One of our new shelf units has a lovely big mirror on the back and this evening I set up a dinosaur themed dig, with paint brushes and magnifying glasses. The children can then sort what they uncover and begin to order them by size.  


I am looking forward to seeing how the children use it as well as their reaction when they come in. 


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