Lovely Lisbon

Lisbon was truly a plesent surprise! One of those places you hear about but not give too much thought about visiting. 

The Britannia docked between the city centre and the Vasco da gama bridge (a stunning piece of engineering that the ship actually passed under).  

A short walk to the city centre and we joined the short queue for the Santa Justa lift. Unfortunately at this time it decided to have technical difficulties. However is was a perfect time for a break and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity of sampling Lisbons local specialty of a egg custard tart. A local cafe where we sat outside offered us the perfect people watching spot to do just that.  

They are delicious and I would definitely recommend.

Now refuelled we wondered around the lovely squares and streets and took in what we could on our one day stop. We passed the now working Santa Justa lift and decided to go ahead with our original plan and head up. Stunning views across the city awaited us and we were so glad we decided to give it another try.  

We enjoyed a nice cool beer in the bar at the top and had some lunch on our walk back down to the centre. A leisurely walk back to the ship was a lovely end to a lovely day. I fully enjoyed Lisbon and look forward to visiting again for maybe a long weekend this time. 


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