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Samuel at 6 Months

Wow how did we get here so quickly? How is our beautiful little baby now this beautiful little boy? People will tell you to cherish every moment it will go so fast and they are right. I want to write a little round up of how Samuel is doing. Something we can look back on. So here goes!

Gross Motor 
Samuel is able to sit up by himself as well as being able to roll over. He is desperate to crawl and is able to get high up on his hands and attempt to move his legs. I am sure it won’t be long. He loves to stand up and will lift each leg as you hold his hands and move across the room.

Fine Motor
Samuel is able to reach objects with both hands and has mastered picking up his dummy and putting it in his mouth. He is beginning to clap, though at the moment it is more sporadic rather than on cue. 

Samuel is so nosey (he gets that off me) and shows a real interest in the world around him. He is able to look at and feel objects and loves to play with the tags on things. He is able to put objects down and pick them back up and will shout out if he can’t reach something by himself. Samuel loves to play the ‘throwing toys from the highchair’ game making Mummy and Daddy pick them up. 

Samuel can be a right chatterbox, babbling and blowing raspberries. He turns his head when he hears a familiar sound and is able to respond to his own name. He gets such a giggle on especially when being tickled or tipped upside down. 

Samuel recognises people that are familiar too him and will lean towards them or put out his arms to be picked up. He loves other children and babies and likes to touch them or try and hold their hand. He doesn’t like it when other babies cry though and this often makes him upset. 

Samuel is breastfeeding, something I love and hope to continue until he is 1. This is still on demand and it works for us. We started weaning just before he turned 5 months old and he has loved it. He now has porridge and a yoghurt for breakfast and a vegetable purée and a fruit purée for lunch. He also takes a formula bottle after his bath each evening. Samuel loves to snack on Kiddylicious wafers or rusks and this usually keeps him entertained whilst we have our evening meal. 

Samuel is still sleeping in our bedroom although we have begun some routines to hopefully help with the transition into his own room. Samuel will nap in his own room but is yet to manage over an hour in there without waking. He is on 3/4 naps a day and will really fight sleep if he has missed a nap or is over tired. Samuel has never slept through the night and the 4 month sleep regression saw him waking every couple of hours. Fingers crossed we are coming out the end of that now. Thankfully when he does wake in the night it’s only for 10 minutes at the most and he goes straight back off. 

So there we go. I am so looking forward to what the next 6 months will bring with our gorgeous little man! 


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