First time Mum, Parent, Travel

My Birthday πŸŽ‰Β 

This week I celebrated my 32nd birthday and my first as a Mummy. Samuel and I had both fallen asleep the night before on my bed and he didn’t wake until 4:30am (a 6 hour sleep completely unheard of) so that’s where he stayed. Lee was also off work so it was lovely to wake up to both my boys. My Mum also took the day off and we decided to head down the A1 to Stanford in Lincolnshire. We started the day off with a cuppa in Cosy Club then had a little bimble around the town before heading to the George Hotel for lunch. 

Samuel is such a good boy when we are in cafes and restaurants. He can easily be entertained with finger food whilst we eat and then is quite happy to have a nosy round if he is being held. 

We had a lovely lunch and Mum and I celebrated with a glass of champagne. 

All in all a lovely day spent with people I love. 


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