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Weaning Samuel! 

Weaning Samuel has been such an enjoyable experience and whenever you choose to start your little one on ‘real food’ it should be when your baby is ready not when convention dictates.

We started Samuel on the last day of 2016, a few days short of him turning 5 months old. We decided to follow the Ella’s Kitchen approach of just introducing one vegetable a day for the first 2 weeks. We downloaded the app and got the First Foods Book and stocked up on a few of the individual vegetable pouches. We began by giving Samuel just a couple of spoons full of plain vegetable purée around lunch time and thankfully he lapped it up. I even puréed some veg of my own, including Brussels sprouts, and he loved them too!

Samuel enjoying some carrots on his first day of weaning.
We took things slow and if we missed a day it didn’t matter. After a couple of weeks we tried fruit, giving a couple of spoons full after his vegetables. These weren’t as popular as the veg but we found by adding them to his veg he seemed to enjoy it even more. I found that by making up my own batches of individual vegetables and freezing them in ice-cube trays I could then mix together different combinations for Samuel to try. A fab buy for us was the Nutribullet Baby blender. It is a good size and came with freezer trays and pots for the fridge that you can set the date you made them on. It also came with a recipe book full of ideas for baby purées. 

We increased Samuel to 2 meals a day after about 4 weeks, adding in breakfast, which usually consists of Aptamil porridge or rusks with milk. We also added a yogurt, such as the new My First Petits Filous, or a fruit custard to his lunch time meal. 

Samuel also at this point liked to snack on Kiddylicious wafers and these were great for us at tea time when we wanted to eat our evening meal together. 

Here are a few of our top weaning products:

  1. Piccolo pouches – great for trying flavours that you wouldn’t usually consider, such as vanilla and mint, as well as being handy when out and about. A definite favourite with Samuel!
  2. Ella’s Kitchen First Food book.
  3. Nutribullet Baby blender.  
  4. Kiddylicious wafers.
  5. Cosatto Noodle Supa high chair – this is fab as it sits really upright and also reclines. You can change the height of it really easily too.
  6. Aptamil Porridge.
  7. Farleys rusks
  8. Nuk food cube trays.

In the last month we have introduced a meal at tea time and have begun to try some meat and a few more finger foods. I must say giving Samuel something he can nibble on when we eat out has been a real game changer. We now both get to eat our food warm or drink a hot cup of tea. 

    This is just the start of our weaning journey and Samuel is still very much a breast fed baby but I look forward to sharing more on this as Samuel tries more and more new foods and flavours. 


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