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Weaning Wednesday 

We seem to be trying so many new foods and flavours this month so I thought it would be good to do a regular weaning spot.

In the last week we have introduced a few things. The first being toast. I lightly toasted a round of bread and just added a small amount of Bertolli we had in the fridge. I then cut the round into strips. Samuel loved it but 2 strips (half a round) was enough. 

We have also introduced Samuel to cream cheese sandwiches. Again he loved these and half round of bread was enough. This morning I toasted half a round of bread and used the other half to make a sandwich for lunch.

We are starting to feel that we can be more adventurous with Samuel and within reason try so many more foods. 

We had some messy fun with baked beans (the low sugar and low salt ones) and although most of them were on Samuels face or on the floor he seemed to enjoy them. We are not worried about the amount of solid food Samuel is consuming at the moment as I am still breastfeeding on demand. 

A new weaning gadget we have purchased this week is a Biubee Baby food feeder. It allows you to put different foods, such as fruits and vegetables, into the silicone end and then the child can suck on it a bit like a large dummy (it has lots of little holes in so the food comes out). It is perfect for slippery foods like banana and mango, that are difficult for tiny hands to hold, as well as foods likes blueberries where you might feel a bit nervous about giving them. 

So there we go just a little weaning round up. Any weaning tips or recommendations greatly received!


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