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Primark Baby Boy Haul

We are going away in a few weeks time and I just know Samuel will be in the next size up of clothing. His 6-9 months are already starting to look a bit snug. So, on Saturday, Lee and I hit Primark and picked up lots of bargains for Samuel. 

Firstly we got these swim suits. The shark top came with the shorts and hat and has a UPF 50+. It cost £7. We also picked up a pack of 2 swim shorts for £4.

This was a set of 2 long sleeve t-shirts and were just £4. I love Samuel in red so really liked the ‘Epic’ one. 

What little boy doesn’t look gorgeous in a polo shirt. These will look fab with shorts, jeans or chinos and were just £2.50 each. 

I love these shirts and couldn’t resist either. The denim one was £5 and the floral one was £4. I just know Samuel will be able to carry off a flower print. Lol. 

We picked up 2 pairs of trousers as we had already got some from elsewhere. These jeans are really soft to the touch and were £6. The chinos were £5 and I liked that they were a different colour to what Samuel usually wears. Although the way he moves around on the floor they won’t stay this colour for long. 

This jumper was £5 and just so soft. Plus I can never resist grey. 

Both sets of 3 sleepsuits were £6.50 and I loved how they have grippy feet. Perfect for Samuel who always wants to be stood up. 

We also picked up these 2 packs of vests. The white ones were £2.30 and the blue £2.80. I actually picked up the blue ones by mistake. I am not a fan of sleeveless vests and I am still debating whether to take them back or save them for the warmer days. 

So there we go. Virtually a whole new wardrobe for £63.10. 


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