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Weaning Wednesday-Snacks

Healthy snacks are great when it’s not Samuel’s breakfast/lunch/tea time but we are eating or enjoying a snack ourselves. Because he is so interested in what we are eating giving Samuel something stops him from grabbing our food (sometimes not the healthy option. Doh!)

Samuels first introduction to snacks were the Kiddylicious wafers which he loved. The simple flavours were perfect for a first taste and they melted quickly. 

Samuel then tried the Ella’s Kitchen Melty Puffs. These came in savoury flavours such as carrot and parsnip and leek and tomato. They quickly became a favourite with Samuel and really helped him develop the skills needed for finger foods. He now picks them up with ease, passes them from one hand to the other, uses his tongue to push out any big bits and chews them well. 

Another savoury favourite are the Organix rice cakes. These are a bit harder and take Samuel a lot longer to eat. 

We have also tried Samuel on the Heinz Biscotti. He has tried apple and banana and definitely prefers the apple. The banana ones get sucked on for a few seconds then he finds it more fun to bash them on the highchair until they break up. 

This week we have added raspberries to the Biubee Baby Food Feeder but not convinced he was keen. I think he liked the cold on his gums but kept pulling a face when he got a taste of the raspberries. 

As parents we are not going to be ones who say he definitely can’t ever have something and within reason we will let him try anything. Obviously we won’t let him have sweet things all the time but as a treat it is fine. At the moment Samuel loves going to Grandma and Grandads and having a ginger biscuit. 

What snacks do your little ones enjoy? 


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