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Weaning Wednesday – shop bought baby food 

Ok let’s be honest making up batches of baby food can be a bit of a faff. You have to remember to take it out the freezer to defrost and it turns out they don’t even like what you have made and you still have 20 portions in deep freeze. Honestly I have only gone out a couple of times and bought specific veg to make batches for Samuel. Other times I have just used left overs from our food (see previous Weaning Wednesday post) and the rest of the time he has a pouch of shop bought baby food. The convenience when out for the day also means pouches are often on our shopping list. 

We started Samuel off, when he began weaning, with the individual veg pouches from Ella’s Kitchen. These were fab as I didn’t waste time making loads of batches of food he didn’t like. It was especially good when introducing fruit as it meant a lot less waste. 

We have also used pouches further down the line when introducing meat and new flavours like mint and vanilla. We have found the Piccolo pouches especially good for this and Samuel seems to really enjoy them. 

I know some people are really against shop bought baby food but I know the products we are using are organic and with no added salt or sugar. In fact most days Samuel eats better than I do. 

What are your thoughts on using shop bought baby food?

Are there any brands you would recommend? 


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