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Samuels 1st Birthday Party

Finally getting round to writing this. Samuels 1st party was such a lovely, relaxed day. We decided to have the party at my parents house as not only do they have a bigger garden they also have more space inside in case it rained. Thankfully it stayed dry and relatively warm.

We only had a small gathering, just really close friends and family. Both Lee and I have big families but we just stuck to inviting people with young children.

We set up outside with blankets, chairs, Samuels new slide, the playhouse and swing. We filled the paddling pool with plastic balls instead of water, as it wasn’t quite paddling pool weather, and set up the sand pit. So there was lots of things for the children to do.

My Mum and Dad decorated the garden with bunting as well as in the kitchen and we added a one script balloon and Samuels monthly photos. My Dad also got Samuel a very large Peppa Pig balloon which was a definite hit and still is.

We put on a small buffet of sandwiches, crisps, fruit and cakes. We got Samuel’s birthday cake from Marks and Spencer and topped it with a personalised dinosaur cake topper from Not on the High Street. It was a rainbow cake and tasted delicious.

All the children had a lovely time and were so well behaved. They went home with party bags filled with bouncy balls, stickers, a hand held foil balloon and one of those foam airplane/glider things. The babies had a bath book in theirs instead.

That evening a few of our close friends stayed and we enjoyed a Chinese takeaway to carry on the celebrations.

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Samuels Christening Day

On Sunday 11th June we celebrated Samuels Christening. Although we are not strongly religious it was something we wanted to do. We chose to have the service in the village where my husband grew up and the local church there also had strong links to his family with both his Dad and Grandad being choir boys when they were younger. 

The vicar had just retired but we knew how fabulous he was having been to his services a few times before and he agreed to come back and conduct Samuels Christening for us.

It really was a celebration of Samuel and the service was so family orientated. We chose 3 godparents for Samuel; our 2 best friends and our Sister in Law. 

Samuel has so many important people in his life it was a difficult decision. We decided against having our own brothers and sister as they had such important roles in Samuels life already. That being said my brother did play a big part in the christening. He did a reading and lit (helped by my nephew) and presented Samuel with the candle. Our own goddaughter filled the font which was such a lovely touch.

It was purely a christening service and Samuel was the only child being christened. We even got to choose the hymns so we made sure they were upbeat ones. It definitely felt like such a happy occasion. 

The after party was at my Sister in laws parents pub in the village I grew up in. My very talented Mum had organised the decorations and baked cupcakes and we had so much delicious food ( always a big part of our family celebrations). We hired soft play to keep the children entertained and my godson provided background music. 

It really was a beautiful day and we are so grateful to my parents who paid for it all as their christening present to Samuel. 


Baby Shower ๐Ÿผ pt2

The baby shower was a great success yesterday with everyone saying what a lovely time they had. The theme was an afternoon tea party with lots of pink and blue as we do not know what Leah is going to have. We all had lots of fun using the photo props to guess though.  


My very talented Mummy made the bunting and some of the delicious cakes whilst the other Nana-to-be made all the sandwiches and set the room up.  


We kick started the fun and games with the Disney Quiz (see privious post) which was enjoyed by all, even if some were irritated that they didn’t get the answers right. This was followed by the Baby Name Race before we moved on to guessing how big Mummy-to-be’s bump was.  


We then went on to making your own baby using playdoh with some very funny entries.  



Prizes of chocolate and nail polish were given to the winners. 

 One of the loveliest parts of the day was when Mummy-to-be opened the books everyone had bought instead of a card. Each person had wrote a message inside their book and it did become quite emotional. A lovely keepsake for both parents and baby. 


A special day with some lovely memories for the new Mummy.


Baby Shower ๐Ÿผ

On Saturday we will be throwing a Baby Shower for my beautiful Sister-in-Law Leah. In preparation we have trawled through Pinterest for ideas and I have created a few games to play. 

The first is the standard ‘Guess the Date’. When will Baby Sumner be born? (Apologies for the picture quality). Leah is already quite big and although the due date is around the 23rd July it really is anyone’s guess. 

Next I have created small cards which I will attach a piece of wool to so people can guess the size of Mummy-to-be’s belly. (I will post a pic of the finished product on Saturday). 

I also created a couple of quick quizzes. The first is a ‘Guess the Disney Movie’ quiz where you have to name the film to go with the song.  


Secondly a speed quiz. First person to think of a name beginning with each letter of the alphabet wins.  


There will be lots more fun things happening on the day so stay tuned for a post showcasing it all. ๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿผ