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A letter to my 2 year old

Dear Samuel

You turned 2 a couple of weeks ago and I don’t think I have really let myself believe that I actually have a 2 year old.

We can have full blown conversation with you now and you understand the majority of what we say to you and vice a versa. You are currently at the stage where you sometimes try and push the boundaries. We call you a little pest but you’re not really you are just being a toddler. We secretly love your cheeky ways. The fun, happy times we have most definitely outweigh the odd tantrum.

You love being outside especially playing with sand or water. You have loved our days on the beach this summer. You still love trains, cars, tractors, diggers and dinosaurs and can name pretty much every Thomas the Tank engine character. You also love to sing and dance, especially to the Baby Shark song.

As you have always been you are still a Mummy’s boy and some days no one else can get a look in. When you wake up in the morning (you are sleeping well now and mostly sleep between 6 and 10 hours at a time) you always shout for Mummy and when I get you I can feel your whole body relax. I love our morning cuddles.

You seem to be changing over night and nearly everyday you surprise us with something new that you say or do. Although part of me wants to keep you a baby I love the little boy you are turning into. You make us so proud and I look forward to all the exciting things we are going to get up to as you get older.

Lots of love always

Mummy xxxxxx

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June & July 2018

I completely forgot I hadn’t shared my June round up so it’s a joint one this month.

This seems like such a long time ago now when rain was a regular occurrence. We had so much fun splashing in puddles and playing in the water. As it was miserable we had the place to ourselves.

Samuels concentration face here is just gorgeous. It was a hot day so we found some shade in the park and played with his trains.

Fun in Nanna and Grandads garden. There is always something interesting to do there.

Samuel looks so sad here. He actually really enjoyed Peppa Pig but this was the start of him being poorly with a throat infection. He was so quiet bless him.

Samuel is definitely his happiest when outside. Can’t quite remember what he was so excited about here.

Pure joy in this picture. I just love it!

Samuel had a great time with Nanna, Grandad and his cousin Henry at Wheelgate Park. Here are the two cool dudes enjoying a snack break.

Family selfie with our cheeky boy!

Mummy and Samuel day out. We had such a lovely day. Samuel just loves ducks and we must have stood here for 20 minutes.

We went on a little steam train ride but as you can probably tell from the picture Samuel wasn’t keen. He loves trains so was a bit surprised he didn’t like it.

Swimming- Samuel loved it and he is going to start going more regularly after the holidays.

Daddy was camping in Skegness for the weekend so we went and met him. It was actually a really lovely day all round.

I could have picked so many of our holiday photos but loved this action shot. This was the day we arrived and we were just exploring. The boys were not dressed for it but they couldn’t help themselves from jumping and running into the sea.

Holiday BBQ. Samuel definitely enjoyed the busy but chilled days. He had big naps, late bedtimes and long lie ins. Other than having his milk he really isn’t one for routine.

Samuel looks like he is really enjoying this but in reality he lost interest pretty quickly. He had lots of fun running around and rolling the balls down hills and tunnels though.

This is on the way home from Devon. I was a bit worried about the long car journey but Samuel was so good.

There we go. June and July. So many brilliant pictures of happy memories I could have chosen.

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May 2018

Here is my May round up in pictures. This year is flying by and in 2 months I will have a 2 year old (insert crying face).

My little book worm at the library. They really are an underused resource that we really need to start using more. Plus it’s all free!

My boys! We have had some beautiful weather this month and we have definitely made the most of it. This was a morning at Sherwood Forest just us three. It was lovely.

I love this of Samuel with his Aunty and Uncle (my brother and sister-in-law) it just speaks love!

Samuel is getting so confident now in terms of his physical ability. He has no fear and such perseverance. I hope he always has this never give up attitude.

A picture not featuring Samuel but had to share this. We may not see each other often or chat as much as we could but we are definitely friends for life.

Samuel and Nanna. My mum had just crawled through a child’s play tunnel to sit in this tent with Samuel. It’s there anything Grandparents won’t do for their grandchildren?

That’s it for May. You were lovely and sunny and over far too quickly!

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April 2018

I’m a little behind this month but here they are at last, a round up of April in pictures.

Look at their faces! Mouths full of chocolate. The 1st of the month was Easter Sunday and these 3 certainly made the most of it.

Samuel loves his friend Declan. So much so he even knows the way from our house to his house (it’s not far).

We loved Cadbury World and so did these two. I thought Samuel would go crazy for all the chocolate but he only had a tiny little bit. His Daddy on the other hand!

Is there anything cuter than an ice-cream face.

Helping Great Grandad Sam to feed the birds. Samuel loves watching all the birds that come in to my grandparents garden.

Love this family selfie. We enjoyed a week of nice weather in April. It was bliss.

Our friend Ben took this picture of our boy when we were on holiday in Tattershall Lakes. The weather was awful all weekend. It didn’t stop us having a good time though.

That’s my April round up done. I know I say this every time but I honestly cannot believe how quick this year is going.

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March 2018

Gosh this year is flying by! How are we in April already?

Here is my March round up in pictures. I find it so hard just choosing a few.

We had a fabulous time in Norfolk for the weekend and Samuel loved spending time with his cousin Henry. Here they are enjoying a bath together.

Another cousin. This time his biggest cousin Max. As you can probably tell Samuel loves him so much. Max is so good with the little ones!

So much family time this month. Both Samuel and Henry love books and it’s lovely seeing them enjoying sharing stories together.

Samuel wants to be on the go all the time and this can sometimes be tricky especially when we are having a meal out. Thankfully on this occasion the restaurant was pretty empty so he got free rain to have a bit of a run around and a dance to the music.

Samuel loves to pose and has recently discovered the selfie mode on my phone. When he wants his picture taken he will come in close and look at the screen. He has also mastered saying cheese and doing a smile when a camera is pointing at him.

We had quite a few sleepless nights and it turned out Samuel had an ear infection. It cause the eardrum to perforate which is how we discovered it. He is getting better at telling us when he is hurt but he couldn’t quite communicate this and we put it down to his back teeth. Lots of Mummy guilt after we found out what the real issue was.

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February 2018

Here is my February round up in pictures!

As always we have had some lovely days with Grandad and Henry. Here are the boys watching the ducks at Whisby.

We had a great day at The Deep. Samuel loved looking at all the different sea creatures.

We have had every type of weather this month and in all honesty I am ready for the warmer months so we can get outside a bit more.

A rare ladies day out. We made cocktails and drank far too much 😊

Our first visit to the library. Samuel and Henry both love books and we had lots of fun choosing some to take home. I didn’t realise what child friendly places libraries are now.

Here is Samuel and his cousin Max who he adores. Apparently Samuel didn’t want to let go of Max’s hand.

The last two days of February have been covered in snow and Samuel has had lots of fun playing in it. I particularly love this picture of Samuel and my Dad with the snowman they built.

So there we go. February seemed to go very quickly. Next month we have my birthday and a trip to Norfolk to look forward to.

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A letter to my 18 month old

Dear Samuel

Today you turned 18 months old. 18 months!!! It seems like only yesterday that I held you in my arms for the very first time. You are definitely not a baby anymore. You are a toddler. A little boy with his very own personality.

You choose not to understand the word ‘no’ but quite freely use it yourself. We can’t help but laugh at your cheeky ways though. When you are not happy you lay on the floor and make a pretend crying noise. It doesn’t last long and we can soon turn it into a giggle with a quick tickle. You are so ticklish and laugh before we even touch you.

You are still very much a Mummy’s boy and love to snuggle in close when you are tired or sad. I love collecting you from the childminders as it’s has if you haven’t seen me in forever. Your face lights up and when I pick you up you hold me tight and feel all my face as if checking I’m really there. You love it with Julie though and quite happily wave me off in the mornings.

I love how you chatter away to us and it’s so difficult sometimes as we don’t always know what you are trying to say. You are so patient with us though and just keep repeating yourself until we give you the answer you were after. I love hearing your little voice especially when you say Mummy. I can hear you now in the bath with Daddy. You are talking about ‘bubbles’ and splashing about in the water. Bath time is Samuel and Daddy time and you love it. You listen to music and giggle away together.

You love trains, cars, tractors and dinosaurs and never venture far without a book. Your favourite story at the moment is ‘Stick Man’ by Julia Donaldson. You like to read it at bedtime and watch the animated version on the telly. You seem to have a thing for sticks as you also love the ‘Hey Duggee’ song ‘Sticky, sticky, stick, stick’. You like to dance around the living room saying ‘stick stick stick’ over and over again whenever it comes on.

I love spending time with you my gorgeous boy and although at times it’s exhausting (you are constantly on the go and still don’t sleep through the night) I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Mummy and Daddy love you so much and can’t wait for even more adventures with you.

Lots of love always

Mummy xxxxx