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Weaning Wednesday – What Samuel eats in a day!

Having seen some similar blog/vlog posts I thought I would do a 'what Samuel eats in a day' post. It may become weekly/fortnightly as it will inspire me to try new things rather than give him the same things all the time.

This is all from the same day and I have not jazzed it up in the slightest for the purpose of this post. It is just an average day.

Pre breakfast
When Samuel wakes I will breastfeed him. This is usually half an hour to an hour before breakfast. Depending on what he had during the night depends on how long he will feed for. Last night he slept for 10 hours and didn't wake up until 6am (never happens Samuel usually wakes at least once for a feed and few more times just needing reassurance) which meant he fed on and off for about 10 minutes.

Whilst I prepare Samuels main breakfast he will sit in his high chair and snack on dry cereal. Today he had Weetos and Rice Crispies.
He then had Weatabix with whole cows milk which he feeds himself. Yes it can get a bit messy.
I also add his vitamins to a small amount of water which he drinks during his breakfast.
Samuel only ate half of his weatabix today so I popped some Ella's Kitchen Round Ones in his tub and he ate those whilst I had a shower (Samuel was in the room with me so I could see him).

Morning Snack
After Samuel wakes from his morning nap he usually likes a little snack and a drink. Today he had some Kiddylicious veggie straws and some water. This will usually see him through until lunchtime.

Today Samuel had left over rice, sweetcorn and cucumber. This was followed by a box of raisins.

Again he had a drink of water as well as a Fruit Shoot Hydro.

Afternoon Snack
Sometimes Samuel will have more milk in the afternoon either breast or formula however today he didn't show any signs of wanting any. He had an Ella's Kitchen the red one smoothie, another box of raisins and half an Kiddylicious carrot bar as well as plenty more water to drink. This wasn't all in one go it was over the course of the afternoon.

Dinner/tea time
Today Samuel had whole grain breaded chicken, potato waffles and mixed veg, followed by strawberries. He had water to drink.

He ate most but not all. Actually Samuel can be quite hit and miss with what he eats. Perhaps I should call this post 'what I give Samuel to eat' rather that what he actually eats.

Samuel has a bottle of follow on milk and today he had a top up of breast milk. It depends on how tired he is or how much he has eaten throughout the day.

So there we go – what I gave Samuel to eat today. As I said it is not jazzed up in anyway. I would love to hear what your little ones favourite foods are.

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Weaning Wednesday – Embrace the mess!

A couple of weeks ago something just clicked. Samuel had started refusing food, especially anything taken off a spoon. Weatabix and yogurt that he had once loved he was now turning his nose up at. Then one day I just left the spoon on the table and Samuel grabbed it and put it to his mouth. I placed the bowl in front of him and he began to attempt to scoop out the food using the spoon and put it to his mouth. 

By the end of the meal there was food everywhere with Samuel using his hand to scoop and then licking it off. But he had eaten it and he enjoyed it. The next meal we did the same, gave a spoon to Samuel and placed the bowl in front of him. Again lots of mess but the food was being mostly eaten. 

Now we just give Samuel his food and let him get on with it. We don’t interfere and weatabix and yogurt are back on the menu. Yes it can get messy but let’s embrace the mess. Who said having children was a clean job anyway!

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Weaning Wednesday 

It has been a few weeks since my last Weaning Wednesday blog so I thought I would do a quick post on some of the new weaning products that we have been trying.

Mini Easymat®

The Mini Easymat is a silicone tray/plate that is perfect for sectioning off different bits of food and encourages Samuel to feed himself. It sticks well to the high chair or table (Samuel is yet to pull it off) and comes with a lid and storage bag so any leftovers can be saved. 


Now Samuel is desperate to feed himself we needed something that covered more than a bib. We got this coverall from Morrisons and I just loved the cute fish print. It keeps Samuel nice and clean (well his clothes anyway) whilst he eats. 

Ella’s Kitchen Melty Hoops

Samuel is really starting to develop his fine motor skills and these hoops are perfect for perfecting that pincer grip. Samuel finds them very tasty too. 

Ella’s Kitchen Smoothies 

The pink one, the red one, the green one, the yellow one, Samuel loves them all. He is happy drinking them from a cup, taking them from a spoon or just sucking them from the pouch. Whatever way Samuel usually finishes a whole pouch in one sitting. 

Aquaint® Sanitising Water

I discovered this spray on a mums YouTube channel and then came across it on Ocado when I was doing my shopping. It is quite pricing for a 500ml bottle but it lasts ages. I still haven’t used a whole bottle and we even took it on holiday. It is a disinfectant that is safe to use on anything without rinsing. It is safe to swallow so it is fab for high chairs, little hands, dummy’s etc. 

So there we go. Are there any new weaning products you have tried? 

Baby products, Child development, First time Mum, food, Parent, Weaning

Weaning Wednesday – 75 finger foods for babies

Whilst out with some of my lovely NCT Mummy friends we got on to the conversation of finger foods and what is suitable to give to our 7, 8 and 9 month olds. So I wanted to put together a list of ideas. One of the Mummys in particular has been amazing at the whole baby led weaning and her little one will literally eat anything. A few of the ideas I have magpied off her, some we have tried ourselves and some we are still yet to give ago. 

  1. c a r r o t s – cut into sticks and cooked until soft.
  2. b r o c c o l i  – cut into florets and cooked until soft.
  3. c a u l i f l o w e r – cut into florets and cooked until soft.
  4. b e l l  p e p p e r s – roasted with a bit of olive oil and then the skin removed.
  5. b e l l  p e p p e r s – raw cut into strips.
  6. a s p a r a g u s – cook until soft.
  7. b u t t e r n u t  s q u a s h – roasted.
  8. b a b y  c o r n – cook until soft. 
  9. p a r s n i p s – roasted, steamed or boiled.
  10. g r e e n  b e a n s – steamed or boiled. 
  11. m a s h  p o t a t o  b i t e s – click link for recipe.
  12. c h i p s – oven roasted.
  13. p o t a t o  w e d g e s – oven roasted.
  14. s w e e t  p o t a t o  f r i e s – oven roasted.
  15. c u c u m b e r – cut into strips.
  16. v e g g i e  b a k e s – click link for recipe.
  17. p e a r – cut into slices or poached with cinnamon.
  18. a p p l e – cut into slices. 
  19. m a n g o – cut into strips.
  20. p e a c h e s – fresh or tined in juice.
  21. m e l o n – cut into strips.
  22. f r u i t  t o a s t
  23. r a s p b e r r i e s – use with the Biubee baby food feeder
  24. s t r a w b e r r i e s – whole or using the baby food feeder.
  25. b l u e b e r r i e s – using the baby food feeder.
  26. b l a c k b e r r i e s – using the baby food feeder.
  27. g r a p e s – sliced length ways or using the baby food feeder. 
  28. b a n a n a – cut into strips.
  29. a v o c a d o – cut into strips.
  30. t o m a t o e s – sliced.
  31. a p r i c o t s – cut into slices.
  32. o r a n g e – split into small segments.
  33. p i n e a p p l e – sticks or slices.
  34. p l u m s – halves or wedges.
  35. w a t e r m e l o n – cut into strips.
  36. p o t a t o  s c o n e s – click link for recipe.
  37. s u g a r  f r e e  m u f f i n s – click link for recipe.
  38. b a n a n a  p a n c a k e s – click link for recipe.
  39. m u s h r o o m s – cooked and sliced.
  40. b r o c c o l i , c h i c k e n  &  p o t a t o  b i t e s – click link for recipe.
  41. b a n a n a  t o a s t – click link for recipe. 
  42. s h r e d d e d  l e t t u c e.
  43. c o u r g e t t e – cooked until soft and cut into strips.
  44. m a s h e d  a v o c a d o  s a n d w i c h e s. 
  45. p o t a t o  &  b u t t e r n u t  s q u a s h  t o t s – clink link for recipe.
  46. b r o c c o l i  &  c h e e s e  f r i t t a t a  f i n g e r s – click link for recipe.
  47. s w e e t  p o t a t o  p a n c a k e s – click link for recipe.
  48. v e g e t a r i a n  s a u s a g e s – click link for recipe.
  49. c h e e s y  s w e e t c o r n  f r i t t e r s – click link for recipe.
  50. 3  i n g r e d i e n t  m u f f i n s – click link for recipe.
  51. b r e a d  s t i c k s.
  52. p i t t a  b r e a d.
  53. t o a s t – cut into strips.
  54. c h i c k e n – shredded.
  55. n a n n  b r e a d.
  56. h a r d  c h e e s e – in sticks, cubes or grated.
  57. c r e a m  c h e e s e  s a n d w i c h e s.
  58. c r u m p e t s.
  59. f r e n c h  t o a s t – click link for recipe.
  60. f r o z e n  y o g u r t  d r o p s.
  61. m i n i  r i c e  c a k e s.
  62. c o o k e d  p a s t a.
  63. e g g s – hard boiled cut into wedges.
  64. e g g s – scrambled.
  65. o m e l e t.
  66. f i s h  f i n g e r s.
  67. e n g l i s h  m u f f i n.
  68. g n o c c h i.
  69. c h e e s e  o n  t o a s t.
  70. t u n a – flaked.
  71. g a r l i c  b r e a d.
  72. m i n i  e d a m  c h e e s e.
  73. c h e e s e  s t r a w s.
  74. t u n a  m a y o n n a i s e  s a n d w i c h e s.
  75. m i n i  p a n c a k e s.

So there we go. I hope some of these ideas inspire you to try something new with your little ones. 

I would love to hear about any ideas you have for finger foods. 

    Baby products, Child development, First time Mum, Parent, Weaning

    Weaning Wednesday – shop bought baby food 

    Ok let’s be honest making up batches of baby food can be a bit of a faff. You have to remember to take it out the freezer to defrost and it turns out they don’t even like what you have made and you still have 20 portions in deep freeze. Honestly I have only gone out a couple of times and bought specific veg to make batches for Samuel. Other times I have just used left overs from our food (see previous Weaning Wednesday post) and the rest of the time he has a pouch of shop bought baby food. The convenience when out for the day also means pouches are often on our shopping list. 

    We started Samuel off, when he began weaning, with the individual veg pouches from Ella’s Kitchen. These were fab as I didn’t waste time making loads of batches of food he didn’t like. It was especially good when introducing fruit as it meant a lot less waste. 

    We have also used pouches further down the line when introducing meat and new flavours like mint and vanilla. We have found the Piccolo pouches especially good for this and Samuel seems to really enjoy them. 

    I know some people are really against shop bought baby food but I know the products we are using are organic and with no added salt or sugar. In fact most days Samuel eats better than I do. 

    What are your thoughts on using shop bought baby food?

    Are there any brands you would recommend?