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Photos of the week

A few days later than I originally planned but we have had a busy weekend. Here are some of the things we were up to last week.

Last Saturday Lee was at Pistons in the Park with our Mini club so Samuel and I went to meet him there. There were lots of cars on display as well as some quad bikes, which Samuel got to sit on. He absolutely loved it. His face in this picture just shows how interested he was.

Samuel loves ice-cream and here he is having a taste of my Jammy Dodger flavour gelato. It really was delicious and Samuel thought so too.

The sand fiend is at it again. He just can’t get enough of the stuff. Here he is at Whisby after we had had a play in their new soft play barn.

Samuel in a net swing with 2 of his best friends George and Evelyn. He loves other children especially older ones that he can follow around.

Having fish and chips with Samuels Great Nanna and Grandad. Samuel is eating fishcake here and he loved the mushy peas. We had such a lovely time with my Grandparents.

We are having such a lovely summer together I can’t believe it’s nearly over.

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Photos of the week

I want to try and be a bit more active on my blog, so as well as other bits and pieces, each week I am going to post a few of my favourite photographs from that week. Ones that I haven't shared on Instagram. I know this probably is of no interest to anyone other than myself but I like that I will be able to look back on them.

Ha ha his hat in this picture! Trying to get him to keep his hat on can be a pain sometimes. Daddy put it on like this and he didn't seem to notice – too busy opening Birthday presents. We had such a lovely day celebrating Samuels 1st birthday.

I love this! I wonder what they are looking at? Samuel loves his Grandad and it was so nice having family time with Lee's side in Whitby.

Whitby Abbey – We walked so many steps to get up to the Abbey but we didn't actually go in. As you can probably tell this picture was taken from the top of a wall. Amazing views all round.

Completely windswept but so happy. Love being with my little family. Here we are on the beach at Whitby.

My poorly boy. Samuel was sick all over me twice. He is never sick. I felt so sad for him but I did enjoy the extra cuddles as all he wanted was his Mama.

So there we go. I take so many pictures I could have picked so many more but didn't want to completely bore you.

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Twycross Zoo

Why is it the sunshine makes everything seem better?! Everything looks brighter and everyone seems happier. 

This weekend the April sunshine made our trip to Twycross Zoo even more enjoyable. 

There is such a range of animals at Twycross from Butterflies to Elephants and Goats to Giraffes. Actually the Giraffes were one of my favourites. They just look so elegant even with such long legs and long necks. 

Twycross was originally known for its Primates and they still have a wide variety of Monkeys and Apes as well as a Lemur enclosure that you can walk through. 

We enjoyed a picnic today and there are plenty of places to do this. There is also lots of places available for you to get food, drinks, snacks and ice-creams in different parts of the Zoo. 

A lovely day out was had by all and I am sure we will visit again in the near future!

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The Deep 🦈

Today we visited The Deep in Hull. We pre-booked our tickets online which saved us Β£1.25 each and Samuel was free as he is under 3. When we arrived we assumed that as we had already got our tickets we would be able to go straight in or at least join a different queue however there was only one line for everyone. It went down quickly and when we reached the counter we realised that it was so we could have our picture taken for the tickets that then get you into The Deep free for the next year. 

We decided against taking the pushchair, knowing it would be busy, and used the carrier instead. We have the Mamas & Papas Morph and Samuel absolutely loves it. As soon as we put him in it his little arms and legs start going and his face lights up. 

We headed to the cafe first as Samuel wanted a feed. The Deep state that they are ‘breastfeeding friendly’. Does anyone else think that is such an odd thing to say? Thankfully I have never had any issues where ever I have fed but I do know people who have. It always amuses me that such a natural thing can evoke such reactions in people. Anyway that conversation is for another day. Lee decided he was hungry too so had a full English to ‘keep him going’. 

When we were all fed and watered we headed into the attraction, starting off in The Awakening Seas exhibit. Here you explore the history of the ocean. It’s more about fossils and interactive exhibits rather than real fish at this point. Samuel and Daddy liked the 3D screens where it looked as if turtles and prehistoric creatures were coming out at you. 

Next we went through into the Lagoon of Light. This exhibit was undergoing renovation so wasn’t open yet. Looking at what was there though I think it’s going to be beautiful. A man gave a talk about the project and explained that the windows in the exhibits were not screwed into place only sealed and the pressure of the water is what makes them secure. Scary!

The Penguins were next and we arrived just in time to see them being fed. I love penguins. I find them so comical. I love how clumsy they are on land but are then so gracefully in the water. 

Lee’s favourites the Sawfish were up next in the Endless Ocean tank. Here were a whole host of fish, sharks and rays. This exhibit is so large it is visible from quite a few points. 

We then walked past the slime exhibit finding Nemo on our way!

Before having lunch we went into the dark Cool Seas section. Here we saw creatures that like the deep, cold waters. Samuel enjoyed looking at all the lights that lit up the area.

We had lunch in the dedicated picnic area. I liked how they also had a small cafe here so you could get a hot drink or extra snacks. 

After we had eaten we walked through the ‘Kingdom of Ice’. Here we felt the ice and came upon the penguins once again, getting to see them under water this time. 

We headed round and came to the area displaying creatures that are found around the rivers of the world. One of my favourite exhibits here were the ants that were carrying little paper hearts from one tank to the next. There was a young children’s play area in this section too. 

The Underwater viewing tunnel then gave us chance to see the creatures in the Endless Ocean tank close up. I love the little faces on the rays and seeing the sharks swim over our heads. 

The Endless Ocean lift took us back up to where we began with even more closeup views of those Sawfish. 

A lovely day out that Samuel absolutely loved. He stayed awake the whole time only giving in to sleep as we pulled out of the car park. I think we will definitely make the most of our years free pass!