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What Samuel eats in a day!

It feels like such a long time since I did one of these posts and I’m sure I say it every time but I am going to try and make them more regular.


Samuel had Rice Krispies with cows milk and a fruit bar for breakfast. He ate everything. Samuel really enjoys cereal and will usually eat it all.


Samuel had 3 blueberry rice cakes. He sometimes doesn’t have a snack in the morning it depends on his nap time.


Samuel had beans and dinosaur toast. He is very hit and miss with toast but cutting it into dinosaur shapes seemed to do the trick. He ate the whole lot and even had some more beans off my plate. He had a fromage frais for after.


We met some friends at the play barn and Samuel had the Pom Bears spotted as soon as we got in there so we shared a bag. He also had some Kiddylicious smoothie melts.


Samuel had cottage pie that was packed with carrots, peas and mushrooms. He also had some sweetcorn which he loves. For afters he had some raisins.


Before Samuel went to sleep he had a bottle of cows milk.

So there we go. I would love to hear what you give your toddlers to eat. Always after some inspiration!

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What Samuel eats in a day pt 3

It’s been a while. Being back at work as left me with no time at all. Here is what a gave Samuel to eat today.

Pre breakfast

Samuel woke early today, about 5:30, and had been restless from about 2am so had a lot of breast milk during the night.


Whilst I prepared Samuels weatabix he had some rice crispies. These are great for practicing that pincer grip. He had his weatabix with warm whole milk and some water to drink.

Morning Snack

Samuel had a tiny piece of tea cake and shared a bag of quavers with his cousin.


For lunch I gave Samuel a crumpet thin and some cream cheese. He had some apple and grapes for afterwards. He actually only ate a couple of bites of the crumpet and 1 slice of apple. Not sure why. He loves all those things. Samuel can be very hit and miss at lunch time. He had some more water to drink.

Afternoon Snack

Samuel had an Ella’s Kitchen Red One smoothie. He also had a Fruit Shoot Hydro to drink.


Samuel had chicken breast, mashed potato, peas, sweetcorn, mushrooms and low salt gravy. He ate nearly all of it and the chicken had disappeared before I even had chance to take a picture. Again he had more water to drink and a fromage frais for after.


Samuel had some growing up milk before he went to sleep.

Again nothing fancy just an average day.

Baby products, Breastfeeding, First time Mum, food, Parent, Weaning

Weaning Wednesday – What Samuel eats in a day pt 2

Here we are as promised another what I give Samuel to eat in a day. To be honest I completely forgot so definitely not jazzed up in any way.

Pre breakfast

Samuel woke at 4am so had some breast milk and quickly went back to sleep. He had a little bit more when he woke up properly at 7am.


Whilst I prepared breakfast Samuel had some Bear alphabet cereal.

He then had some fruit toast. Which he loved and ate the whole lot. He had water to drink.

Morning Snack

When Samuel woke from his nap he had about 4 Kiddylicious lentil crisps and some more water. We visited his Aunty and he also had a cookie.


Samuel doesn’t seem to like Sandwiches so I am trying out different things instead. Today I gave him bagels with cream cheese. He didn’t seem in the slightest bit interested in them either. He did eat some freeze dried apple and a rice pudding though.

Afternoon snack

Samuel had a few organix carrot crisps and a Ella’s Kitchen Green One smoothie. He had some more water and a Fruit shoot hydro.


Samuel had a Little Dish cottage pie which he loved and ate the whole thing. It is packed full of veg so felt a bit better about his lack of food earlier. He had a side of sweetcorn and a fromage frais for pudding.


Samuel had some growing up milk and a top up of breast milk.

There we go. I will definitely try and keep this up.


Hello Fresh

This week we decided to try Hello Fresh. We had a voucher code for ยฃ25 off making it only ยฃ14.99 for 3 meals for 2 people. In case you are not familiar Hello Fresh is a delivery service that send you tasty recipes and ingredients straight to your door. 

We signed up to the website and then downloaded the app where we were able to choose 3 meals from a selection of 5. We chose the Singapore Chicken Laksa, Speedy Steak Stir-fry and Pork Steak. The app allows you to select, each week, the meals you would like to try (always a different selection). It enables you to pause weeks when you don’t want a delivery and also has all the recipes on there should you want them electronically.

You choose a preferred delivery day and on the day they email you with a 2 hour time slot. It doesn’t matter if you are not in they will leave it in your chosen safe place and you don’t need to worry about the produce being left out of the fridge – the boxes are packaged with environmentally friendly insulation and cool packs. 

When our box arrived we were keen to look inside. On top were 3 recipes cards showing all the information you need about each meal. This includes ingredients, nutritional information and step by step instructions. Each recipe card also has a coloured tab which corresponds to one of the paper bags in the box. Each bag contains everything you need (apart from the fridge items) to make the meal. 

We decided to try the Pork Steak first and Lee laid out all the ingredients to see what we had. We liked that you got the right amount of each ingredient so there is little to no waste. Lee then set to work creating the meal. Lee is definitely the chef in our house as he enjoys it and I am not particularly fussed. 

The meal isn’t just made up for you. It isn’t meals on wheels. You are given the ingredients and you prepare and cook the meal yourself. As I said Lee likes doing this so he really enjoyed it. 

All 3 of the meals were delicious and things that we wouldn’t have thought to cook otherwise. We will definitely be using them again. 

If you would like to give them a try click on the link below and enter the code GEMLOUIS at the checkout to get ยฃ25 off your first box.